Photography snobs

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Re: Totally agree with every word :)

MoreorLess wrote:

This place is definitely very gearhead heavy which is really what the video is taking aim at.

Honestly to me though the technical side of photography simply isn't very complex when compared to the vast majority of other artforms.

When art lost connection with realism, this stopped being as true.

This is something most people will pickup in a few weeks if there committed to learning it and it will become second nature in a few months.

The effects of controlling aperture, shutter speed, etc. are fairly easy to understand. Grasping the concept of composition isn't exactly rocket surgery.

So one can learn the mechanics fairly easily. But one doesn't need to to produce something recognisable and generally  acceptable.

Photography moreso than possible any other artform is something where taste/composition should be at the forefront of what people are trying to advance.

Here lies the beauty of any artform. And the terror. Photography uniquely so, I think. Because creating what the average person will accept as a finished product is so easy, stepping beyond that will not be as readily perceived as a step beyond.

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