***Mini Challenge #494*** Sovereignty; Empowering Women.

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***Mini Challenge #494*** Sovereignty; Empowering Women.

***Mini Challenge #494*** Sovereignty; Empowering Women.

Dear Folks:

Take heart from the song "We Are The World," M. Jackson.

Enter a photo of women or girls, exercising their right to influence the decisions that affect them the most.

Search deeply, dream profoundly, journey no further than thirty miles from your home.

Bear in mind, that in the last challenge, three ladies ruled the photographer. Find your mojo again!  Don't worry about the medium, we aims to have fun.

This mini-challenge runs from this post till tomorrow noon in eight days, or, March 1, 2018, whichever is sooner.

Sincerely Yours for your enjoyment;

PS, And this is the standard bit for the next challenge
The general rules are the same as always...
1. Submit a maximum of 3 Entries to win and/or as many Exhibits as you wish.
2. Photos must have been taken by you but can be from any camera, including cell phones, and may have been taken at any time.
3. There are no restrictions on processing or on composite shots - all are acceptable. It's the image that counts, not how it was produced.
4. Please state in the header of your post, or in the comments bar below each image, whether they are "Entry" or "Exhibit". Non-labelled submissions will be assumed to be Exhibits.
5. Please post all images using the "Reply to thread" button below this first post.
6. At the end of this challenge, I will announce First, Second and Third places from the Entries in a separate RESULTS thread, and I may select some other submissions, entries or exhibits, for Honourable Mentions.
Grand Prize: The First Place winner becomes the host of the next challenge and has 3 days to begin it. The winner can respond to the challenge setter with a forum post or PM. If that individual doesn't respond in 3 days, or has to decline to serve, the Second Place winner becomes the next host. If that individual declines to serve, the Third Place winner becomes the next host.
7. To begin the next challenge it's easiest to cut and paste the text of this message into your new thread opener and modify it to suit your challenge.


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