Canon DPP Diffraction Correction

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Re: Canon DPP Diffraction Correction

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Hmm, my understanding is that, aside from some ordinary sharpening, there’s nothing that can be done for diffraction blurring. It all depends on what amount of blur you can put up with. The same goes for depth of field - if you choose a larger CoC then you get more. The conditions under which the final images will be viewed should dictate your choices.

I thought the same two days ago until by mistake came across a video complaining about FPS on 5D4 and showed an option I completely ignored. Defraction Correction in-camera within the DLO options. I’m, however, planning on doing all in post as I’m starting to do everything with RAW and possibly not bothering to shoot JPEG with RAW.

I'm not up on any of this, but I am interested. I'm curious, are you using Photoshop CC for your post or is this a 3rd party processor?

It’s Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional. I’m thinking they would know there lenses best and potentially map light transmission at various apertures best. If it works not sure how it later transfers to LR or PS. Might require all post in DPP.

Interesting.  Looks like might have to update that software.  Thanks for the information.

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