D5500 and 5600 the same?

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Re: D5500 and 5600 the same?

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I agree. There seems to be just too much missing on the 5600, and I know I'd be dissatisfied at some point. I downloaded the manual and went through it, just too many things not there.

If you have in mind that you are going to keep the camera for years then the D5x00 is not to be selected. It is a camera usually to start with or for those wanting just a good DSLR camera. A D7500 by having more features can be more future proof.

Just out of curiosity, what things you find that you would miss after reading the manual?

One that comes to mind is with HDR shooting it only does two shots and averages them. Obviously the lack of controls on the camera body, meaning more changes have to be done through menus. No lens focus adjustment possible. And I could be wrong here, but I'm thinking I read somewhere that the ISO levels were more limited to 100-200-300 etc. but no intermediate ISO levels such as 160 would be possible. Anyhow, I was hoping the D5600 was more fully featured but it's not. Seems like a great camera for a beginner, though. I think I'd rather have more controls than the 5600 offers.

I think you're right about the D7500 being more "future proof". I'm looking to update my D70s because it lacks so many of the newer features that have developed over the 14 years since I got it!

No, that's not quite right.

There very well may be some HDR feature that works as you describe, but HDR is generally done by merging multiple exposure-bracketed shots with specialized computer software.

The D5500 / D5600 can bracket 3 shots per set.

The D7100/D7200/D7500 can take 3, 5, or 7 bracketed shots per set.

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HDR is a bit thing of a past now, isn't it? And if someone really needs one, with today's sensors it can easily be done with just one RAW exposure, just by doing ETTR (since Nikons are kind of famous for shadows DR) there will be more than enough meat for anything but the most professional four digits needs where DX is probably rarely a tools of choice anyway.

I had been out of photography except for mindless P&S pics for a long time until about a year ago when I needed to photograph my late mother's house for sale. I realized how useful HDR would have been to balance the light inside but retain the view outside as well, in addition to providing good light in difficult rooms. So HDR still might have its limited uses, although in researching it I have to say a lot of people went overboard with it and created distinctly unnatural, weird and something garish images using this process.

First HDR, ever (D7500, ISO 100):

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