OW! That's Sharp! Lenstip tests the 45mm f/1.2!

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Re: OW! That's Sharp! Lenstip tests the 45mm f/1.2!

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Well thats horrible news, for my bank account.

Now I need to buy this lens as well as the 17 1.2

Not me. The 45mm 1.8 is good enough and its fairly cheap. I can get enough DOF with it

True I also have the 1.8 and it has served me well but it depends on how far the subject is. 1.8 is certainly more than enough for head and shoulders portraits and tight full body shots

Put if you want to take full body portrait of a couple, or step back further to capture more context of the environment while still maintaining adequate separation, its not enough.

That is all true... but I would curious to compare a 45mm 1.2 to a 75mm 1.8 full body length portrait for background separation. Maybe someone has the lenses to show me this?

For the same framing and wide open, the 45 / 1.2 will have the more shallow DOF. However, assuming the background is "far enough away", the 75 / 1.8 will have up to 11% greater background blur.

Thank you! I had a gut feeling that this would be the case. However the working distance of a 45mm would be better to avoid shouting direction to the subject for a full length. Still I would be curious to see the different characteristics of actual shots.

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