Nikkor-s Auto 1.4 50mm Nippon Kogaku on D3300

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Nikkor-s Auto 1.4 50mm Nippon Kogaku on D3300

Hi all. I have just made my profile here since i dont have an idea where to get some fast answer. Shorter story is that i got these lens that seem to be converted to AI,worked nice on D300 on previous owner (atleas he says so). When i put it on my d3300,I cant use other than f1.4 , f2 and f2.8.

For a long time i wanned to get some old nikons 1.4 lenses. Those poped out to me so i wanned to get em. I already understood that its Non-AI lens that were converted to AI. Ken Rockwell chars says it will work, I heard storys that it will work. My AI vivitar 28mm f2 works too so i figured this one would work too. Turns out that i cant use aperture fully. Its not stuck,it works great when not on my d3300.

I can only put it on my body if previously I set aperture ring on 1.4 to 2.8. It would screw on my camera maunt and make click sound when done properly. But then i would only be able to use from 1.4 to 2.8. If i try to put aperture ring on 4 or higher number,it wouldnt even screw on my camera body.

I dont understand whats missing. AI lens work great,converted to AI lens not...Some people told me that those pre ai lens wont work on modern d3x00 and d5x00 series,but should work on d7x00,d500 and full frames...But i know i saw post here from 2016 where a guy posted its d5500 with nikkor-s auto f1.4 50mm on it  and said that he has been using it without problems on d5100 too.

I hope that someone can tell me whats the reason this is happening so i know in the future and understand it better. On the other hand,i can still return it for the cash,but i do wonder if its fixable...
Thankful in advance, Aleksndar

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