2nd 5D4, or add a C100 Mk II?

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2nd 5D4, or add a C100 Mk II?

For video, I currently have a 5D4 and an A6500. I also shoot photography with the 5D4 and a couple of 6Ds, (original version). I'm going to be doing some gigs where having a 3rd camera is sort of needed (doc edits at weddings). I have used a 6D as a 3rd cam before, but the video is pretty crappy.  I really like everything I read about the C100 Mark II, but it costs just as much as a new 5D4 would cost!  Since I do both photo and video, I'm thinking that maybe a 2nd 5D4 would be the better option.

Pros for the C100 II:

-  DPAF (center of frame only), no video time limit, built in ND, efficient codec, writing to dual cards at the same time, flip out LCD.

Cons for the C100 II:

-  Not a photo camera, 1080p only,

Pros for the 5D4:

-  DPAF (fully functional), equal or superior 1080p quality, 4K, excellent photo camera.

Cons for the 5D4:

-  Time limit on recordings, no built in ND,

I'm not really looking to move away from Canon as I have a large selection of L-Glass, and all of my photography is Canon.  I love the A6500 for Gimbal work, but if I move more into Sony or Panasonic, I'll have to add lots of new glass.

Appreciate any thoughts on best next option for me to expand video with EF mount.

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