X40 with 1' sensor: any hope?

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Re: X40 with 1' sensor: any hope?

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I once hoped for X30 successor with aps-c sensor...

I was hoping the 2/3" could become a standard for compacts with improved sensors. 1" has been a bit of a disaster really and has all the disadvantages in large optics and cost without making it to any great shallowing of the depth of field.

I am sure a 2/3" sensor with development whilst it would have lagged behind 1" it would have always matched performance in the end and made up for any deficiencies with reach and more compact and affordable gear.

This current situation in compacts where sensors are getting better and better but everyone needs them larger and larger but offset by declining lens speed as the actual lens aperture needs to be the same for size reasons is a strange anomaly especially for amateur use. The G1X III at full zoom with an 8mm aperture gets less total light than a RX100.

If you pixel peep the x20/30 studio scene vs even the latest generation APS-C Fujis, they compare very well up to ISO 400. Even 1600 isn't bad but by then the larger sensor walks away. At 400 and below I think it's a toss up really, the APS-C is slightly better but not enough to make a practical difference. Why I think just a technology upgrade path with the same sensor and optics would have been awesome. I've tabled my plans for an x-e3 because of cost and lense size. Staying with the x20 and maybe buy a spare used one or maybe an x30.

The new 15-45 is tempting me back in to Fuji X as a compact option. Really looking forward to seeing the tests of this lens.

I'll check it out


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