Crop/digital zoom quality

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OP Ionion New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Crop/digital zoom quality

Tom Axford wrote:

Exactly right. It happens for every camera, particularly those with a high pixel count in comparison to the sensor size.

So if we take a 20MP smartphone camera sensor and we double the megapixel count to 40MP without increasing the size of the senzor, this will make the same 2MP crop region noisier because now 2MP is a smaller portion of the sensor ?

Then what is the point in increasing the megapixel count, besides advertising ? Won't the noise reduction algorithm have more data to work with on a higher megapixel count ? Or possibly more corrections can be made before it starts being visible ?

If my smartphone manufacturer doubles the megapixel count, but keeps the sensor size and the optics exactly the same, what benefit will I see, if any ?

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