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Re: Aquilegia, Hellebore, Camellia

Water droplets amongst flowers, foliage amongst my favourite to view, to photograph.


Had to look into macro lenses for my m43 as overcast yesterday tz20 couldn't cope high iso mush due to not enough light, iso 100 too slow shutter motion blur.

Oly 60/2.8 beyond my means as for now, Sigma 60/2.8 with Closeup filter i could, legacy glass macro too however they bulky on my carry about Gf3. Revering ring adapter cheapest option !

For now I've settled on Closeup +3 filter on my Jupiter 50mm/2 : 40.5mm filter thread. Its alright "arty" rather than detail. I would like detail as well. Perhaps placing quality closeup on Fz is a solution with Macro Zoom + Ez Zoom.

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