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Re: Black and white.

Waynecam wrote:

I have an idea about why I like this image but may not be able to explain it with any clarity. Even though it was obviously taken in the sunlight it reminds me of the B&W horror movies of the past with the tree shadows on the church on a moonlit night. One might expect a body to come hurdling down from the bell tower a la Quasimodo. Ok, now you can tell me I don't know what I'm talking about and you would be right.


B&W is perfect for this excellent image in which three elements -- walls, window, and shadow -- suggest a theme.

The potential theme that emerges for me involves representations of three Upward paths : a Physical ("stairstep") path represented by the climb of layered clapboards; a Spirititual path represented by the church window; and a Natural path suggested by the tree shadow.

Aside from theme possibilties, some minor graphic tweaks could help intrigue a viewer's eye. For example, a crop on the right side equalizes the shadowed width of intersecting walls. This makes available an "in-out" optical illusion on the right side.

Also, a trim on the left and bottom would take a baby step toward mild abstraction by removing "grounding" of both the building and the tree. The viewer's sense of his/her own vantage point is put in question.

I think these crops also unbalance the composition in an interesting way, and contribute to the overall dynamic.


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