Android devices covertly sending location data to Google

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Re: Google's daily tracking

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vv50 wrote:

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Google says only I can see this.....they forgot to mention themselves.

Nobody seems to care about privacy and we are probably the odd ones out.

Sadly, you are correct. Hope the issue will be addressed by some agency, not necessarily government.

In a few years the privacy won't exist anymore. sadly

not sure where you get that idea, but privacy laws haven't gone anywhere. if you make a call on a cellphone, providers get data about which cell tower your phone connected to for sure, but your call privacy isn't being violated.

Exceptly that all your conversation are registered and after a few years it will be erased.

Pretty sure that whenever you make any calls from landlines, the phone company needs to track which countries you dialed and how long your calls took, so that they can bill you properly. no difference in privacy there.

You are really confident about privacy. But in this time you cannot be.

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