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Re: Cheetahstand - worst customer service in the industry?

Macro guy wrote:

arob wrote:

Macro guy wrote:

FrankZayas wrote:

You are comparing apples (literally) to oranges with your littany of companies you've dealt with. I think all of those are rather high-end companies that sell high quality products at quite a high price. Its just not realistic to expect similar high quality from a company that sells good stuff at much lower prices. I'm starting to get an idea of why Cheetahstand wanted to be done with you.

There are two issues here:

  1. The quality of the product
  2. Customer service

Whereas there may be issues encountered with all products, the way these issues are resolved speaks volumes about the retailers. IMO, there is NO excuse for this type of treatment. I don't care if Cheetahstand checked out the product and found it to be up to spec, I don't care if they feel that sending a replacement item is a waste of money. As far as I'm concerned, it's not their call. The customer is not satisfied with the item, just shut up and replace it. He already said he would ship it back at his own expense if he didn't like it, so just ship it and try to do whatever you can to keep the guy happy. If he doesn't like the second copy of the item, take it back, refund his money, apologize profusely (whether you actually think it's justified or not) and that will be that. The customer may not necessarily be happy with the item, but he'll at least walk away with the feeling that the retailer had his back as much as possible

Someone should go over there and slap some sense into Edward.--

No need to slap anyone,

They did issues a full refund for the RB to include shipping and store credit but that was omitted in an attempt to gain negativity response from members. Ed always has a great customer service policy.

It doesn't matter if they issued a refund. That's not the issue. The issue is the way the whole thing has been handled. A great service policy means nothing unless is well implemented. It didn't sound as though Cheetahstand went out of their way to help a customer out.

Yep, But there is actually two sides to every story and I rest assure you that Ed will chime in with a chronology of events that actually took place.

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