Need a serious drone for serious still photography

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Re: Need a serious drone for serious still photography
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Thanks everyone! I now have a ton of information to digest! I think I am narrowing it down to P4P+ or Inspire 2. I think the P4P+ might do, however I am a little reserved about being limited to 24mm. Looks like I have more work to do! A DX format chip might work well with a great lens . . . and the MTF charts seem to indicate the P4P+ and the Sony chip just might work . . . except for the 24mm limitation. ?????

Why is the 24mm prime lens an issue?

If you want to zoom in then you can just fly closer! With a drone you are not restricted by where it is possible to stand or what angle you can achieve, you can freely move about in 3D space.

None of that changes the perspective in a shot taken with 24mm WA lens. If you want more compressed perspective bringing the distant landscape closer to the foreground for example you have to choose longer lens. There is no way around this unless of course you crop in your photo and only use the center part of it. But that would be at the huge cost of loosing majority of the shot and loosing pixel resolution. Not ideal.

I'd be interested to see some examples of drone photography where having a longer lens has made a significant difference to the result.

It does not matter if it is a drone photography or normal photography taken with any camera from the ground. If you have any P/S camera with a zoom ranginging from 24mm to say 70mm or 100mm you can take one shot at 24mm and another at 70 or 100mm and then you will see clearly what I mean by the difference in perspective how they capture the landscape in those two shots.

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