Shooting Manual lenses on Sony A7RII versus my D810 - First impressions

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Shooting Manual lenses on Sony A7RII versus my D810 - First impressions

After a little more than a week with the Sony A7Rii I can say I am very impressed. I shoot mainly manual lenses, my mainstay being several Zeiss Classic lenses of the zf.2 kind (Nikon mount).

So far things I like very much about the Sony

  • Way better focusing aids with magnification and peaking in the EVF
  • The EVF is very good, not instantaneously, but good enough for me 
  • What seems to be much better low light performance, still not sure why this is so much better, but can use higher ISOs than I would ever try on the D810
  • IBIS! I have missed in camera image stabilization since I sold my Pentax set up a few year ago. Great to have it back. Can shoot at much lower shutter speeds and keep the ISO lower when needed 
  • Can use adapted lenses without color casts (only tried my Zeiss and Nikon lenses so far, so may change my opinion). However the initial results seem to be as good if not better rendering on the Sony sensor versus the D810 native set up. (Without an adapter) 
  • The menus aren't that bad if you buy a good book to find your way around them

Not so good on the Sony

  • Don't like the ergonomics. Have added an L plate which has improved things and a better strap. Still working on this. 
  • Does not have dual cards. Irritating design fault in such an expensive camera. 
  • Bigger file size. Get over it, that is a benefit when you need it. 

So of my comments may be ignorance at this stage, as I will be learning for months I am sure. However, I never thought I could let the Nikon go completely, and now I am not so sure. The D810 has been a great camera, but with the right lenses, the Sony can be a nice lightweight carryaround camera. (Considering selling my Leica X Vario which has been a take everywhere camera for me).

Thoughts and error correction welcome on anything said so far.

One of my first shots with Nikon 50/1.2 with Metabones adapter.

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