A few eagles (and my ongoing M1 gripe)

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A few eagles (and my ongoing M1 gripe)

About a half dozen bald eagles were hanging around a couple of weeks ago.

Not great light, and I always find it difficult to get black and white birds exposed correctly. But Iit is nice being able to shoot wildlife from one's deck.

My main annoyance with the M1 is there isn't any easy way to switch modes. The eagles were very active, landing in trees but only staying for a few moments. For birds in flight I usually use focus limit, one axis IS, focus by group, S mode set to 1600, and for perched birds a single focus point, no focus limit, full IS, A mode.

Because of the low light I was using a higher ISO for BIF. The focus limits are specific to by backyard.

I missed a couple of cool eagle interactions fussing with the settings.

Old post on how I would change the custom modes (which only a few people agree with)


How do others quickly change modes?

About to switch from a BIF to a perched eagle

I shot this eagle at a higher shutter speed then necessary which forced a higher ISO because I didn't want to change modes, which would reset all the BIF settings.

I've not very good a processing overcast skies, they come out a bit purple. Should probably just push them to white, or select them and Photoshop them, but I didn't think any of these shots justified much effort.

A few of the shots had interesting angles, so I processes a couple as head shots.  In the uncropped version of the following shot the body was blown out, so I cropped it out. I kinda like it.

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