GX9 exposure compensation dial

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Re: GX9 exposure compensation dial

GTOz wrote:

A question - what is the advantage of a dedicated exposure compensation dial when a camera has front and rear dials already? Aside from the use of EC with auto-ISO in manual mode, which until now it seems Panasonic has seen as a tiny niche use not worthy of activation in firmware, I can’t see the use for this dial.

I understand the use of it.  It's basically an additional control dial but with this one, since it has a dedicated function, you can see what it's set at without looking through the finder.  The downside is that it's also to accidentally bump the exp comp to another setting when you're moving the camera in/out of your bag or during other situations, even though the camera is off.

Having used dedicated exp comp dials before, I definitely prefer not having them.  Maybe it's because I use exp comp a lot and find that the dedicated controls for them to be a bit out of the way and also stiffer to operate than I'd like.

Also, exp comp with auto-ISO in manual mode is totally possible without having a dedicated exp comp dial, anyway.  I'm pretty sure my Nikon DSLRs all had that feature w/o necessitating such a dial.

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