Simplest HDR workflow for bracket series (outside or inside

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Simplest HDR workflow for bracket series (outside or inside

I'm looking for a really simple workflow to merge series of 3 frames to an HDR image. It should be really fast and ideally automatically detect exposure brackets.

My camera allows bracket shooting and I do this sometimes. It's not a big deal for me though and most of the time I'm more annoyed by having the duplicate images afterwards.

So what I'm looking for is either a tool where I import all files to some folder, then run it and it automatically takes all exposure brackets and merges them into single images.

Or, I first import them and then run some Photos plugin, if there is any that does that.

The tools I've seen so far are all targeted toward endlessly tuning that one great shot. This is not what I want. I'm fine with some standard profile for all. What I want is batch processing for many shots.

Would be great if there's something like that.

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