The truth about SS & sharp images

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Adrian Harris
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The truth about SS & sharp images

Almost all cameras experience some form of SS under certain circumstances.

I was first made aware of it when I came across a Nikon shooter draped bodily over a long lens mounted on a tripod so sturdy that I could not have lifted it. Of course I asked him why he was shooting like that and he said he was trying to reduce mirror slap when activating the shutter.

I bought a Sony A77 with a fixed translucent mirror and always used the electronic first curtain, yet I have from it some of the worst examples of SS that I have ever seen!

My Panasonic gx7 would produce SS easily with mk1 14-140 (ruined masses of shots). And the flash sync was a lowly 1/160.

Next was my dream camera the GX8. With a seriously fast shutter and a flash sync of 1/250 fabulous and just what I needed.

Like all cameras and tools nothing is ever perfect and it does have some caveats. However I quickly learned how to get the best out of it, which included finding out which lenses performed best with it to ensure I didn't lose any images through SS. .... And guess what, surprisingly when I am forced to use the mechanical shutter due to flickering LED lighting, I can guarantee that 100% of the time when using my Olympus lenses I never get any SS with it at all !

It is well known that the lightweight Panasonic 14-140mk2 can misbehave when using mechanical shutter, which is easily solved by avoidance.

So Whose lenses should we use for performance and sharp shots...

Interestingly I have repeatedly found that for really sharp action images the Olympus 40-150 f2.8 pro lens performs so much better on the GX8 than it does on the Olympus em1-mk2 !

Conversely - and this is getting weird - the Panasonic 100-400 performs better and produces sharper images on the  Olympus em1-mk2 than it does on the Panasonic GX8 or Gx7 !

How do I know all this, unfortunately I found out the expensive way by spending the kids inheritance and my pension

A final note: sadly although many suggest Panasonic 'upgraded' the 'faulty' GX8 shutter, for my photography it was a huge downgrade. We lost the fast shutter speed and also the fast flash sync speed, yet strangely so many seem thrilled about that ?

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