photographing bright orange with white background

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photographing bright orange with white background

i'm sorry for endless questions. I ran into another problem that i can't solve even after reading the book suggested and trying out other things suggested in my other thread

i'm not able to get true color for bright orange while at the same time getting the white background.

i can get pretty close to the true color here but the pic is mess. If i'm not able to take a good pic, how would this be edited? make a selection and delete the rest?

and here's the one of the versions with the white background

i tried everything i can think of. moving the lights and the camera, using black cards, trying different settings.

I'm pretty sure that i just didn't try right but i don't know how to fix it.

Here's my setup for the pic with the truest color.

I've tried different positions for the lights and camera but since I don't completely understand why this is happening (too much light, I'm assuming but I need that light for the white background), I was just moving stuff around with no purpose

The "good" pic is taken with both lights using half the power. About 150w I guess.

I kept going one stop up, and I already can tell that the orange is getting lighter. A few more stops and I will be back to the pink mess.

Been at it for 4 hours. Stumped.

Wanted to add why I'm so adamant shooting true color as opposed to taking the overexposed pink pic with white background and just fixing it to be orange.

It's because this is a very tricky color and I tried doing color changes before and I wasn't able to get it right. It was close but not there. So I doubt I can edit it to look good.

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