Vario-elmar 18-56mm softness

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Re: Vario-elmar 18-56mm softness

Interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me somewhat of my Nikon 18-70 at full aperture. The latter is a bit faster though. Difficult to say w/o comparing side by side anyway. I have no zoom handy for the CL, only my MATE v1. Just shot it handheld at 35mm, f/5.6, 1/50s which is not as rigorous a test as yours by far but the screw head at the top right corner looks significantly softer than the other one below. Not sure if the lens or the camera is the culprit but i suspect the sensor stack of the CL is thicker than those of Leica M's which could explain this softness to a certain extent. Just a guess though.
(13MP file)

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