Questions on moving from Canon Crop To Micro 4/3 (GH5 or G9)

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Questions on moving from Canon Crop To Micro 4/3 (GH5 or G9)

I am serious amateur shooter, mostly family pics, landscapes and travel. As of late, I'm also getting more into video. I've been using a canon 7D for close to 9 years. I have a bunch of lens for the 7d.  I was ingrained with the marketing and internet banter that the next upgrade would be to full frame. The lack of of video capabilities in the canon line up led me to the lumix cameras. I've been reading up on the micro 4/3 and think that might be the way to go due to the video capabilities of the GH5 and G9 along with smaller form factor, plus with one camera I can do both video and stills.  I've found more and more, the 7d get lefts at home because it just too much of a PIA to take it and lens along do to size and weight.

My questions are:

  1. Anyone that 's converted from Canon crop to Micro 4/3, what was your experience like? Positives, negatives???
  2. I am assuming with both aforementioned GH5 and G9 either of those would be on par at minimum with the 7d with still image quality, given the the sensor technology in the 7d is 9 years older. Any one have any thoughts or direct comparisons?
  3. How does the quality of the mirco 4/3 lens compare to the Canon red line lens? Sigma lens.
  4. GH5 and G9, assuming either will have no issues printing with high quality up to 20 x 30 as thats the largest print I've done with with my 7d.
  5. On Debating the G9 vs the GH5,  I see the only plus to the G9 is the LCD display and top (nice to have, but I can live with out) and the 80mp hi resolution mode (which I don't see myself ever using). Any other strengths to the G9 Over the GH5 when i comes to stills? BTW, I don't shoot action or birds.
  6. Micro 4/3 gets beat up online with regards to Bokeh (usually compared to full frame), But I am assuming since the variance between the sensor size in the canon crop is not that drastic with micro 4/3, the difference i would notice would be minimal?????
  7. Does either of GH5 or G9 to remote trigger an off camera flash with out any additional triggers???


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