Finally got to shoot with my new D810

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Finally got to shoot with my new D810

Finally. Been waiting for this moment for two years. Finally I went downtown and shot stuff I've shot with my D7200 and D600. Finally.

First I had to reset almost every setting as the guy I bought it from is an excellent portrait photographer but his settings requirements are not mine. I still got caught out as I was downtown with a setting or two that I'd missed (like spot metering, changed it back to matrix).

I've got medium-sized hands and wondered if the D810 was going to feel big-ish, but it just felt like a camera. Buttons and whatnot were in different locations, took awhile to get the muscle memory down to where changing settings became automatic and that didn't take long.

I kept waiting for some "Pro build" epiphany to waft over me but, like I said, it just felt like a camera. Not heavy, not big. I kept my shutter speed above 1/60, usually way above 1/100. Didn't try ISO 64, maybe next time.

I've never had anyone give any camera I was shooting with a second glance...till I had the D810. One person did turn his head as he walked by and said "hmmmmm...."

When it came to post processing in LR6.14 (and amazingly I can work on my D810 nefs in LR5.7.1 which is a bonus) it seemed as if I could pull down what looked to be blown-out skies (like exposing for the buildings on either side of me but the sky exposure would take a hit) down further than I can with my D600, but I wasn't shooting side x side the same scenes, but that's what it seemed like to me. From white to nice dark blue. Pretty amazing.

I always shoot on Auto White Balance.   I've tweaked the Auto WB in my D7200, leave my D600 at factory Auto WB default but tweak the raws a bit warmer in LR.   The D810's Auto WB at factory default nailed the WB every time, no tweaking needed in post.

The size of the files loading in LR didn't take too much longer, the actual processing didn't drive me nuts with any speed slowdown and just for example, exporting processed nefs as jpegs at high quality took 30 minutes for 165 files.

I just compared that D810 with similar recent shoots with my D7200 and D600 and...and...well, I knew going in there wasn't going to be some huge spike in IQ. The same/same/same shots looked strikingly similar. If I cropped like a maniac and peered intently at my monitor, yes, there was just a touch more resolution in the D810 files but my other two cameras are no slouches when it comes to IQ. I'm not disappointed, it was what I expected.

All in all, the finished images from the D810 look pretty dam good. A guy could now chase "pro glass" but my next purchase is a Nikon 20mm f/1.8 G which is mostly driven by my guy's insistence that I shoot with a D810/D850 and a 20mm prime. Have to keep him happy but, really, how can I complain now shooting with a D810? So what if the purchase was driven by a client, I have one now and I'm going to keep learning the ins-and-outs of the D810 and enjoy the heck out of it.

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