Sony A6500 or a full frame?

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Sony A6500 or a full frame?

Hi guys,

I am new to this site and possibly could find tons of related material by browsing older threads, but for my purposes creating a new thread makes since since having all the information and opinions in one place is crucial in order to understand the true differences.

So the problem is that I just sold my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II for the reason that it lacked proper video qualities. After selling it I have been considering to get the Sony A6500, a few extra batteries, the Sigma 16 and 30mm F1.4 to start with, and possibly at a later time the Sony 85mm F1.4. However, I am looking for a camera to be used for years with excellent video functions and image quality. Now I know the A6500 can deliver sufficient video quality (note that I am new to cinematography and the whole thing is a hobby, not a way of making a living), but the only thing that worries me is depth of field and the image quality.

I definitely need 4K and the option to shoot 120p footage, which the A6500 can do, but so can the A7R II, which is a bit more expensive but is a full frame camera. If I were to get the A7R II, I would pair it with the Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens, which gives me both of the focal lengths of the sigmas I am considering for the A6500 + I would again get the 85mm F1.4 later.

I have owned cameras prior to this, so I most definitely will be using it quite a bit for the following:

-portraits (close ups, but also would love to be able to separate a whole human being from the background), blog style outfit pictures for my gf

-occasional street photography


- cinemating travel video for youtube (no vlogging, so don't really care about the flip screens)

My current understanding is limited to the following:

-full frame is better for low light and depth of field, also better for overall image quality

-A6500 is excellent for video as long as it does not overheat

-A6500 seems to be overall quite amazing, but is it sufficient to be the only camera to be used?

I will definitely be getting only one camera that should fulfil all of my needs, so I am concerned about the overheating of the A6500. I would be shooting in a variety of differing climates, including some extremely hot countries and most probably will not get to spend too much time in one spot, hence not being able to just come and shoot again if the A6500 fails.

I will not be printing anything huge, maximum size would probably be 50cm x 50cm (19,685 inches) and most of the stuff would be published in social media and youtube. Please give me advice and opinions, suggesting other cameras is welcomed as well.

Sony a6500 Sony a7R II
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