Future Purchase: OM-D E-M5 Mark II, some questions...

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Future Purchase: OM-D E-M5 Mark II, some questions...


I'll be picking up a used OM-D E-M5 Mark II in the coming months and have a few questions. I'm completely new to the Olympus and MFT systems, so bear with me if my questions are obvious to you.

1. Can the High-Resolution mode be used with non-native (dumb/manual) lenses? I have a couple very sharp lenses that I love for macro and landscape and this mode (along with focus stacking) is why I want this camera.

I know the focus stacking/bracketing cannot be used with non-native lenses, but was curious if that is true with the HR mode. I have researched extensively, but cannot find anything that talks about using the HR mode with non-native lenses.

I see the Oly 60mm f/2.8 macro is a crowd favorite, which is great because I want to use the focus bracketing technique. I was planning on picking one up when I get the E-M5.2 as well as the Oly 17mm f/1.8.

2. What is the group's opinions on the 17mm f/1.8? I think this will ultimately live on the camera when not actively locked on a tripod.

I think these are the only two native lenses that I'm interested in at the moment since I'll still be using my DP2 Merrill (soon adding DP3 Merrill and DP0 quattro). I'd be open to other suggestions.

3. Since I'll most likely try to source this gear used, are there any particular signs to be on the look-out for? I know the Sigmas have their used-finicky problems.

4. I will be picking up the HLD-6, as well. In landscape orientation, I see it adds a 2nd shutter button and dial to the camera. Can the original shutter button and dial be programmed for something different for with the HLD-6 is attached? Just curious.

5. What is the battery life for the Oly name-brand batteries?

Opinions welcome. Many thanks.

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