Middle School Volleyball

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ScooterShooter wrote:

ZurichPhoto wrote:

dad_of_four wrote:

These are great.
Justy one small nit... Resist the urge to take photos of the Serve.
Unless it's a dynamic jump-serve showing the peak of action, they are all
pretty much the same. It devalues the rest of your images.

One of the secrets to great photography is not the photos you show,
it's the photos you don't show...

Russell Reid - My mentor

I respectfully disagree ... if you are shooting for parents or a school -- which you are almost doing by definition in Middle School volleyball -- then shoot it all. I don't think the traditional editorial rules for what constitute a good sports photo necessarily apply carte blanche at the little league or middle school level.

As you get higher up -- then I'm with you all the way. But at some levels anytime someone makes contact with a ball or puck is photo worthy because of its scarcity and value to a parent. Know they Audience.

I think the serve photo is the best of this group. Colors are awesome, background is not a distraction, face with expression.

But your secret to great photography, dad_of_four, is still a good reminder for me. I think I would do well to heed that advice more often.

I agree fully, 100% without reservation when it comes to one's own portfolio or editorial work. People should be ridiculously discerning to the point of brutality.

But I think it's utterly impractical -- and counterproductive -- when it comes to shooting middle school and even high school sports. You can't shoot a MS volleyball game for parents show only superb images ...

Dear Moms and Dads of 9-year Olds, Here are the 3 pictures from the 5th Grade Junior Ladybugs Game that approximately meet Sports Illustrated editorial standards. Sorry I did not get any pictures of (fill in the names of the 10 players who are not shown). While I took about 80 nice, well-focused action pictures of the kid's that you could never get with an iPhone, they were doing pretty boring things, like serving. They just weren't up to my personal standards and I'm concerned that they would negatively impact my brand as a photographer. Better luck next time!

Parents are not looking for Richard Avedon to shoot the Ladybugs volleyball game. They just a nice guy with a really good camera to lend a hand.

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