Rule of Centering

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Re: IMHO . . . the missing link . . .

TacticDesigns wrote:

IMHO . . . the missing link is to believe that the "rules" are only a way for us to discuss an underlying "principle" that is happening.

If you believe that you should follow the "rule of thirds" because it is a rule . . . and not understanding that it might be part of balance versus unbalance, then you can only practice "rule of thirds". (Or, I guess . . . a variation of the Golden Ratio.)

If you believe it is simply a variation of the composition tool of balance versus unbalance, then you can walk away from the constraints of the "rule of thirds" and move things around the frame by feel.

Yes, they are a way of moving into understanding composition. They are shortcuts to learning. We don't teach maths by showing people a set of numbers or driving by giving someone a car and saying 'Figure it out". We teach. And that is exactly what the guidelines do.

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