Do we need 30MP in the rumoured X-T3?

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Do we need 30MP in the rumoured X-T3?

I'm hearing these rumours of the X-T3 with a 30MP sensor.

I've gone from the 16MP X-E2 and X-T1 to the 24MP X-Pro2

I've also gone from the 32MP A7R to the 42MP A7R2 and also have the 24MP RX1 and do landscapes and fine art. I print big having 2 approx 20x30" prints in my living room.

Ever since moving from the A7R to the A7R2, I've come to the conclusion that yes, I can see a difference on screen but it's not worth the additional cost and file sizes for the extra benefit I can see only when I zoom in. I still value my 24MP RX1 more than either A7R.

I also participated in a thread here not long ago where people were mentioning that there was a sense that some colours/tone between the 16MP X-T1 and 24MP X-T2 was lost moving from the 16MP X-Trans2 to the 24MP X-Trans3. I am one who agreed which was why I never replaced my X-T1 with the X-T2.

So, I've come to the conclusion that any more MP is overrated for the average photographer and I would love to see Fuji stop in the MP race and focus on getting the best out of the 24MP.  Does anyone else agree?

YES - more MP is always better
23.2% 29  votes
NO - 24MP is fine if they focus on 'deeper pixels' - Apple's Phil Schillers term for better Dynamic Range, Low light performance and Tonality of outputs instead
76.8% 96  votes
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