For those who understand tilt shift

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For those who understand tilt shift

I have a question concerning using tilt adapters on mirrorless cameras.

Lets say I have a Sony a7 with a Leica R to Sony E tilt adapter (just tilt, no shift). My plan is to use the adapter to normally mount a Summicron R 50 on my a7 and use it as a standard lens since depending on coverage it may vignette heavily during a tilt. Secondary plan is to use the same adapter with the Summicron on my NEX 7 when I want to do more heavily tilted photography.

But back to the a7. What happens if I use the Leica R tilt adapter with the Summicron removed and then mount a Volna 3 medium format lens onto the adapter via a Pentacon 6 to leica R normal adapter. Lol, sound confusing?

My question is will it matter if the Tilt function is on the adapter closest to the camera and not in the one closest to the lens? Another option is to use the Volna mounted on a Pentacon 6 to Canon EF tilt adapter and then mount this to the Sony using a Sony E to Canon EF adapter. That combo would put the tilt function closer to the lens. Does any of this matter?

My gut is that since it is just bending light rays it wont matter in the long run where the tilt function happens. But since this is all about math I could see the location of the angle of light change possibly effecting something unseen in the equation.

(And please, while I appreciate recommendations concerning other tilt/shift lens options I have reasons for wanting to use these specific adapters and lenses. I know there are many very good tilt shift lenses available out there. I am just curious what issues the above described combo may generate).

So, just for diagram purposes...bold shows where tilt function would be. Does this matter?

Sony a7----Sony to Leica R TILT adapter---Leica R to Penta 6 adapter----Volna 3 lens

Sony a7----sony to cannon adapter---cannon to Penta 6 tilt adapter----Volna 3 lens

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