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Some Sigma 16 Shots & Scenery

It's that time again when I dust off some other lenses than my well-used 100-400mm GM and prove that I really do actually have other lenses!  I took a little vacation for the first week of February - my usual family winter Disney World trip, and that's always a nice chance for me to shoot something other than local birds and wildlife.  On my December trip to Disney, I got my first chance to shoot the Sigma 16mm F1.4, which I picked up a minute before I jumped in the car to drive up...but it was a busy photographer meetup so my time with the lens was limited.  This being a family trip, more casually paced, I was able to bring the lens along as the standard 'walkaround' option, keeping it on the camera about 80-85% of the trip.

Partly I wanted to try the lens out in a variety of situations and lighting - indoor & out, daylight, dusk, night, overcast, etc...and partly I wanted to see what it was like limiting myself to a single focal length for much of the time, with the 16mm/24mm-equivalent being a good standard wide that could cover most situations at a place like Disney where you are closer more often than you are far away from what you want to shoot.

I also tried to extensively test the 'F2 no focus' issue some report with Sigma's lenses and a few other wider primes, but I could not reproduce anything at all - F2 focused accurately and quickly every time, in every situation I could conjure...from closeups, tests in a room, and normal walkaround shooting.  While the problem may exist for some, I'm satisfied that either I don't have the issue or none of my shooting subjects or styles will ever encounter the issue, so it's no longer something I'm going to try to look for or worry about.

All of these are handheld, walkaround, random type shots on different days - just scenics of the various Disney parks and places, taken with the A6300.  All shots posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

Starting with dinner the evening I drove up - arriving around 4pm, I checked in at my villa in the buildings you see across the lake in the background, then walked around Disney Springs for an hour or two and grabbed a table here - on the boat docks of the Boathouse Restaurant.  I'm actually sitting at my table with a drink and shooting the scenery - the table is outdoors, right on the docks

Walking around Disney Springs at dusk, shooting some F2 - I snapped the Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar entrance as the sun was setting - for those who know Indiana Jones movies, this name and theming might be familiar

Nighttime, walking back towards my villas - I snapped a lakeside shot of the Rainforest Cafe

The next day was seriously overcast and foggy - so while standing on the boat docks at the Wilderness Lodge Resort waiting for the boat to Magic Kingdom, I decided to go for a bleach-washed look of the wintered leafless cypress trees and faded docks - it had an almost-period look

Those grey skies!  Actually, they gave a kind of ominous look to the normally happy Magic Kingdom - which was interesting against the Victorian style of the Main Street train station

Grey skies also make the Haunted Mansion in the distance look a little more haunted - that's Tom Sawyer's Island to the left and the paddlewheeler boat dock on the right

Standing in line at the Haunted Mansion, I decided to go for the underexposed, dark HDR look to bring out the ominous feel - it's in camera HDR+3 with -2/3 underexposure for the initial frame

Once nighttime hit, the cloudy skies still sticking around, I did some handheld F1.4 walkaround shooting - taking advantage of the fast aperture and still good sharpness of the lens wide open - here I used MFNR as well which adds some streaking for passerby, making it look more like a long exposure, even though it was only 1/4 second

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe in Frontierland at night, F1.4 handheld.  The clouds were streaking in strange patterns, and to the left upper sky, blue spotlights were beaming out from the castle in the distance

This is very impressive sharpness for an F1.4 lens wide open, and handheld with no stabilization - you can count the bricks in the castle.  I do love the sharpness wide open - which is what I primarily purchased this lens for

Going portrait-orientation this time, to capture some of the reflection of Cinderella's Castle in the moat - also F1.4 handheld

Playing around a bit with the F1.4, I got close to the fountain to catch it in focus and detail and let the castle serve as the OOF background

Welcome to the first outright sunny, clear day of the trip!  On the last day I hit Animal Kingdom, where I generally shoot with telephotos - with me that day was the FE70-300mm plus the Sigma, in case I wanted to try a few scenics in between the animals.  This is the front entrance gates to the park

This is the centerpiece of the park, the Tree of Life - the trunk of the tree is carved with dozens of animals...I used in-camera HDR at +2 here to catch a little more detail in the trunk which was in shadow

And just for fun - one wildlife shot with the Sigma - while visiting the petting zoo, I noticed this llama seemed to want to get a little iron in his diet, and was intent on chewing this fence - I stuck the Sigma in his face from a few feet away, which didn't deter him one bit!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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