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Gary3000 wrote:

CaliforniaDave wrote:

Gary3000 wrote:

Sonys have an app that does Timelapse videos (and stills) , but unsure if it can be done with the electronic shutter.
But it also does have some nice controls so it will automatically adjust exposure over time

The app works with electronic shutter, but electronic shutter doesn't allow the use of LENR (Long Exposure Noise Reduction) which can be useful for night time-lapse. Unfortunately the app can produce only HD video, and not 4K video,

Interesting on the LENR feature. (I've not done much night shooting with my 6500)

yes, the app is limited to HD video, but it can also shoot Video+Stills (or just Stills) and the stills are 24mp.. which when compiled into a movie, results in 6k timelapeses.

Yes, you can do stills and create 6K time-lapses, but of course you need to save all of the images, transfer them to a computer later, and generate the time-lapse. If you are traveling without a computer, that could lead to massive amounts of still images to deal with later when you might just want a simple 4K time-lapse in camera. I just wish that Sony could do what Panasonic has built into even their low end models, which is a time-lapse mode that doesn't feel like an add on and which can generate 4K time-lapse movies in camera, and for which you can delete the still images if you want to.

If I'm going to do time-lapses with my A6500 or A7RIII, I'll just use an external intervalometer. The app isn't even an option with the A7RIII, and I doubt that future Sony models will support the app, as Sony appears to be phasing out apps.

Also, the A6500 and A7RIII have a High ISO Noise Reduction option which can be set Off, Low or Normal and works with both Mechanical Shutter as well as Electronic (Silent) Shutter. The High ISO NR if set to Low or Normal goes into effect at ISO 1600 or above (according to Gary Friedman). It effectively reduces the high ISO multicolored noise, at the slight expense of some loss in sharpness. For night star or aurora time-lapse the slight drop in sharpness is preferable to me compared to having the multi-colored noise in the dark sky.

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