Old vs New, Classic DP2 vs sd Quattro lo-res

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Re: Old vs New, Here are the raws

Shawn67 wrote:

I set the settings to default, neutral color and auto white balance. White balance is still very different between the two set to auto though.

For the Quattro file I did turn down both NR to minimum and the Detail setting all the way down to smooth as well. Look at the grain (or what I think is grain, it is seriously OOF) on your table under the window. The NR settings are killing that on the Quattro.


Yes, setting NR to minimum would bring out the noise (and details) in the sd Quattro image much more than leaving them in the middle.

SPP does not give us a NR option with the DP2 image.  We have to guess if NR was applied, and if so we have to guess how much.

I was interested in making the two images identical as much as possible, and it seemed to me that leaving the NR settings at default for the sd Quattro image gave a pretty good result.

As Ted has said earlier, the presence of numerous adjustments in SPP (many of which were not in the early versions of SPP) makes it very easy to grind out a result that is far from comparable to the images we got from earlier Foveon sensors.  This alone can lead to long-time biases against newer versions of the cameras and it fooled me, too.

Of course having a lot more control of how images get processed can give us more artistic and technical freedom and this is a good thing.  I like a bit more grain in my images personally but others don't, for example.  My mistake was to think that these variations were because of some deficiency in the newer sensors.

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