Using the Pentax-F 80-200 zoom on the K-1

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Re: Using the Pentax-F 80-200 zoom on the K-1

Mark Ransom wrote:

Historicity wrote:

Joseph Tainter wrote:

The 80-200 was not a top-quality lens to begin with, but I'll admit these look pretty good (at least on a screen).

I recently used my SMC F 70-210 on my K-1, and liked the results. Pick one up if you can. It is a better lens it its class.



I just checked eBay and found one the seller claims is EX+++. Down below he uses all the right words. It looks pretty good so I ordered it: $65. Tax & shipping brought it up to $75 or so.


It's a fantastic lens. I broke one many years ago and remembered it so fondly that I picked up another when I had the chance, even though I didn't really need it. You got a good price too. I think you'll love it. It will be interesting to see a comparison with the 80-200.

I still think in terms of "need" as well, and being 83 and having to hike the same nearby area, I "need" to see it through the eyes of different lenses to keep me interested in hiking in order to stay healthy -- I rationalize cleverly. 


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