Frozen waterfall

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Jared Weber
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Frozen waterfall

This is my first post on DPReview. I've been reading the forums since a little before Christmas and have learned a lot already. I probably wont be posting much because I find most questions I have can be answered through using the search function on the website and reading past forum posts or by searching google.

I'm new to advanced photography but have enjoyed taking pictures for a long time. I am most interested in landscape and astrophotography due to my love of long distance hikes in remote places. Previously I've always taken pictures while on backpacking trips with my Iphone and get great results for digital use but have on so many occasions wanted the extra reach or low light performance that a more advanced camera can provide. My wife and I received an A6000 for Christmas so I'll be learning with it to start. I bought David Busch's book on the A6000 and it has been invaluable along with this forum in learning so far.

I haven't had much time to get out with the new camera so far but I did happen to be able to get out and try to get a good shot a couple weekends ago.

A6000, 16-50 kit lens, 24mm, 1/4s, F18, ISO100

Shot RAW and edited in LR with minor adjustments.

Unfortunately I didn't have a ND filter or else I would have been able to stop down to F8 for a sharper image. Alternatively I could have taken multiple frames at F8 and stacked in photoshop but I didn't think about it at the time.

My goal with this photo was to emphasize the coldness of the waterfall vs the warmness of the forest. By increasing the contrast slightly between the ice and remaining leaves on the dormant tree's I think I achieved this quite successfully. I also added a slight vignette around the edges to draw the viewers eye into the little bit of unfrozen water that was still cascading over the rock.

I'm excited to get some quality glass and accessories for this camera. I'm going to get the Sigma 16 f1.4 for astrophotography, low light landscapes, and just sharp corner to corner landscapes in general. For that lens I'm going to grab a Hoya HD3 circular polarizer or B+W XS-Pro Kaesemann circular polarizer, and a 3 and 6 stop ND filter.

As far as an all around zoom, I'm undecided between the 18-105 or 18-135 but until more reviews come out about the new 18-135 I'll just stick to using the kit lens. I also have my fingers crossed for a fast native zoom for this camera system as so do many others.

Sony a6000
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