If the GX8 had been a market failure?

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Re: If the GX8 had been a market failure?

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

People have been complaining since its release that the GX8 was too big and expensive. Then the dreaded shuttershock came to make things worse.

Suppose the GX8 had been a market failure for the reasons above?

Asking your rationale side, what would you do (in a risky declining photography market)?

  1. Release a big and expensive GX9 again?
  2. Stop the GX line?
  3. Release a smaller and better priced (ie. with some cheaper components) GX9, to see how the market react?

4. Release a big and expensive GX8 MkII and don't undercut it months later with a much cheaper camera that fixes what's broken in the "flagship".

The big and expensive GX8 MKII would have very confidential sales now that the G9 is out. Too close, except for the form. Panasonic preferred the DSLR shape to RF for their flagship.

Now compare the G9 and GX8 reaction of DPreview members :

When the GX8 was introduced, it wasn't really well percieved.

Because Panasonic failed to include three basic improvements that came shortly thereafter in cheaper cameras: no AA filter, low-shock shutter, EC in auto ISO M mode. The omissions were so glaring that many GX7 owners, including myself, decided to wait for the next upgrade. Panasonic totally flubbed the timing of its lineup.

So if all people asking for a RF have made like you, ie don't buy the GX8, no wonder Panasonic stopped the line. No sale, no more line. Logical.

Many potential customers like you haven't bought it, despite asking for a RF flagship.

See above.

The G9, OTOH, was very well percieved.

Not by me. Total overkill. And, I hate the top LCD and joystick.

Same as you, but we are not the majority.

It seems that many people buy it, and the most incredibly, people are ditching their EM1 MKII to buy a G9.

It seems that most m4/3 users favor DSLR shape for a flagship camera.

The GX7 still has a very devoted following. I have three of them and may well keep one simply out of nostalgia.

It's one of the best m4/3 camera ever made. But the GX9 looks even better, IMO.

Panasonic killed the GX8 by not addressing shutter shock, not removing the AA filter, and not including Dual IS 2, then releasing two cheaper cameras almost immediately thereafter that offered some or all of these fundamental and badly needed improvements. I was ready to buy a GX8 until I saw the GX85 and then G85 fix its main flaws. Been waiting for an upgrade ever since. Now that I've seen the GX9, I'm finally buying a GX8 and resigning myself to accepting its limitations. Just can't take the tiny GX7/GX85/GX9 EVF any more, and I'm not going G-series just for a decent EVF.

Look at the bright side of life : the GX8 will be heavily disounted now, you can get one for a steal

Indeed. I've just bought one and will likely pick up another. These will replace two of the three GX7s I use in my corporate event work.

So it isn't so bad

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