Do I need a tripod

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Consider a monopod

Bob wrote:

Normally I would always carry a tripod when hiking and shooting landscapes. But I’m thinking of lightening my load by using a lens with VR. Can I leave the tripod home?

When hiking, I use a monopod with a tilt-head about 90% of the time and can get very close to the same framing and composition I would with the tripod for landscape and nature close-ups. With or without IS, I can manage the shutter speeds I might get using a CPL or even an ND8. In low light or heavy tree shade, the monopod might be worth about 2 stops. It's controllable enough that I can use GNDs if I need to.

I can't seem to concentrate when I go hand-held. It's not so much the "stabilization" as the mindset and slower pace I use that is so similar to the tripod. I never seem to have any problem keeping the camera level and parallel to the subject matter when I use the monopod and tilt-head.

I've hiked thousands of miles in the mountains and don't mind the trade-off between the tripod and monopod, but I have personally never gotten comfortable to go fully hand-held.

FWIW, with a nice belt sheath, I don't even notice I'm carrying the monopod, where my 3 lb. hiking tripod feels like 3 ton on a long strenuous hike. I take a tiny Mefoto Daytrip for nature macro/close-up, but found I still want to take the monopod with me.

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