The GX9 is clearly a GX85 upgrade

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The GX9 is clearly a GX85 upgrade

And as such, it is a great one.

The GX85 was due for a refresh, and this new camera does it in a wonderful way. It surpasses the GX85 in many ways. And even switching from a FAS to a tilt screen will be a nice improvement for those of us who prefer that type. Yes, it costs $200 more at release ($999 vs $799), but it comes with a better lens, and hasn't everyone else raised their prices since 2016?

Anyone who was wishing for a "better GX8" needs to ask themselves just how many weather sealed flagship cameras Panasonic really needs. They already have four (G85, G9, GH5, GH5s) among their current models, which is the same as Nikon has, and twice as many as Fuji or Olympus have.

The GX9 is around the same size and weight as the GX85 is, but offers the following improvements:

  • 20 MP sensor
  • No low pass filter
  • Magnesium Alloy body
  • Tilting LCD screen
  • Better shutter mechanism that eliminates shutter shock
  • Faster continuous drive
  • Faster flash X-synch speed
  • USB charging
  • Bluetooth connectivity added
  • That sliding port cover is brilliant

Rather than looking at it as "less camera than a GX8" because it lack weather sealing, you could see it as an Olympus Pen-F competitor at a significantly lower price.

Panasonic has built a very compelling camera, that nicely updates their very popular GX85. But for some reason that only they know, they failed to name it the GX90, but opted instead to label it the GX9 as if it was an improved version of their GX8. And we all know it really isn't.

So will there be a GX8 update?

I doubt it. Panasonic just lacks a big enough market share to sustain so many weather sealed flagship cameras. The midrange models need updating now. Because that is where their volume sales come from.

The GX8 might have been an experiment, like the GM series was. Had it sold in larger numbers, then there is no doubt Panasonic would have created a real GX8 upgrade. But it didn't, so they upgraded the more popular model below it instead.

I'd call that a smart business decision.

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