Do I need a tripod

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Sorry, this is experiment yourself & find out!

Bob wrote:

Normally I would always carry a tripod when hiking and shooting landscapes. But I’m thinking of lightening my load by using a lens with VR. Can I leave the tripod home?

Only YOU can answer that question.  Personally I've haven't used a tripod in years (excluding long exposure photography).

Whether you choose to use one or not depends on what you are shooting, how long an exposure, how heavy is your camera, how heavy is your lens, what's the focal length of your lens, and how steady you are.

You could have easily done the experiment by now...on one of the trips where you use the tripod, take the same shot(s) handholding the camera, and compare the shots when you get home!  That's when the answer will come to you.

No one here can answer for you because they have different equipment and situations than you do!

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