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Re: If you could only take one lens ...

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I usually don't enter this types of threads where people just post question for meaningless discussion, but this particular question "if you could only take one lens" has been posted so many times, that it's already annoying.

Firstly, everyone has different needs and style(if any), thus median focal length is different for each of us.

Secondly, if you want to take only one lens, it rather be a zoom lens, otherwise you already have one fixed lens in your pocket.

Last, but not the least. Why would one bother to buy an interchangable lens camera, if he's going to carry only one lens. Buy one of those fixed lens cameras(say x100 ) unless you really want a telephoto.

I could understand people who want to find out why others say they like a particular angle of view better, but I don't see anything on that in this thread. Seems like everyone just recommends the most expensive lens they own...

As I said to Jerry I should have phrased this differently, I should have said:

"You are at a hotel somewhere overseas and most of your gear got stolen, but you can grab one..."

(This was a real life scenario on my last trip where I had evaluated the possibility o being robbed and how to split up my gear, leaving some at the hotel and taking some with me...)

Clearer this way?

The 50/2 is far from being the "most expensive lens" I own by the way


I think the question would have been clearer if you had stated "what prime lens or what focal length if you could only take one lens." A zoom lens is multiple focal length which I don't consider as one lens but those that are zoom aficionados will claim they are one lens.

For me it would be the 35 f1.4. The 50 f2 is fine lens but I much prefer the 56 f1.2 in that focal length range. I have both. I think the 50 f2 looks better on paper than do its printed images on photographic paper.

However, in the right hands a good photographer can make just about any lens sing and you do a wonderful job with your 50. So for you it might be the 50 f2.

I also have the 56/1.2 ... so not a competition as such as I typically use the 56/1.2 for other applications but hardly ever when I travel.

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the 50 f2.  It is lighter, smaller which makes it nice to throw into the bag when I'm out.  However, I much prefer the rendering of the 56 f1.2.  So I find myself cussing the 50 and lugging around the 56. At some point I need to get my arms around when I use which.  I'm either going to need to force myself to use the 50 until I break the code of how to fix it in post or sell it.

This reminds me of an issue I had with the Leica 75 f2.4 Summarit I had.  I eventually broke the code but it took awhile to learn to love the lens.  I eventually did.

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