If the GX8 had been a market failure?

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Re: If the GX8 had been a market failure?

pannumon wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

People have been complaining since its release that the GX8 was too big and expensive. Then the dreaded shuttershock came to make things worse.

Suppose the GX8 had been a market failure for the reasons above?

GX8 was a market failure* because Panasonic released GX85 less than year after GX8, with improved shutter, better IBIS and no AA-filter (16Mp but in practice it performs similarly). I think Panasonic did not want to release GX8 mk II soon after, because that would have made loyal GX8 buyers angry. Instead, they went into situation where the much cheaper camera is in some ways much better, and in some ways much worse. There were (and still is) no a GX-camera without obvious flaws that could be easy to fix.

1 flaw can offset 10 positive features. $1000 camera body should not have any major flaws.

People have been eagerly waiting for a GX-series camera without flaws. I think many customers chose Olympus/Fuji instead of Panasonic because they got tired of waiting. On the G-series, G85 fixes all the major issues.

Asking your rationale side, what would you do (in a risky declining photography market)?

  1. Release a big and expensive GX9 again?
  2. Stop the GX line?
  3. Release a smaller and better priced (ie. with some cheaper components) GX9, to see how the market react?

1. Yes, by recycling the GX8 body, and only updating the critical components (shutter, IBIS, processor) and firmware. The development of this camera would not have been expensive.

I agree. But I can already hear future complains in they so this

2. No, GX85 seems to be selling well regardless of G9. I would have made GX85 slightly better and more expensive (AF/MF switch, a better EVF unless I had an overstock of the current EVF).**

I agree too.

3. No, that has already been done (GX85).

Apprently, the GX9 is called GX7 MKIII in Japan. To add a bit to the general confusion

So maybe Panasonic will make a GX8 MKII? Who knows?

*EDIT: Has GX8 been a market failure?

I don't know. It's just an hypotesis that could explain why there's no GX8 update.

**I would have also released GX800 with EVF port/flash shoe, and an external EVF using GX7/GX85/G9 technology ($200). In addition, I would have added one pushable dial. To differentiate from GX85, I would have made GX85 a bit better/expensive.

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