If the GX8 had been a market failure?

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Re: If the GX8 had been a market failure?

Pixnat2 wrote:

Robiro wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

People have been complaining since its release that the GX8 was too big and expensive. Then the dreaded shuttershock came to make things worse.

Suppose the GX8 had been a market failure for the reasons above?

Asking your rationale side, what would you do (in a risky declining photography market)?

  1. Release a big and expensive GX9 again?
  2. Stop the GX line?
  3. Release a smaller and better priced (ie. with some cheaper components) GX9, to see how the market react?

The small 16:9 EVF kills it. It really should have had GX8's EVF.

This is a part of option 3 : Panasonic chosed cheaper components to lower the price.

I welcome it, and think it is very rational in today's context.

But the gx9 is priced as an  enthusiastic camera.... Over 1000 usdu is simply too much for what it offers. It's more than the more capable g85, and about the same as the much more capable Oly  pen.

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