If the GX8 had been a market failure?

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Re: If the GX8 had been a market failure?

Pixnat2 wrote:

People have been complaining since its release that the GX8 was too big and expensive. Then the dreaded shuttershock came to make things worse.

Suppose the GX8 had been a market failure for the reasons above?

Asking your rationale side, what would you do (in a risky declining photography market)?

  1. Release a big and expensive GX9 again? 

Firts of of all I have a gx8 and love it! Now, if it had been a market failure vs the gx7 I would try to understand why.

  1. Stop the GX line?

No, but use the gx7 name which was supposed to be a market success.

  1. Release a smaller and better priced (ie. with some cheaper components) GX9, to see how the market react?

yes, but call it gx7 mk III as they did in Japan

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