Should Panasonic design a "GX8 Mark ii"?

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Scuba Carlos
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Should Panasonic design a "GX8 Mark ii"?

I apologize in advance for any confusion or distress I may cause by wording the poll this way. The question assumes as a premise that the GX9 was not a spiritual successor to the GX8 but to the GX7 and GX85 (named GX7 mark ii in Japan). Yes, the GX9 has the name which suggests that the GX8 was a fluke or an evolutionary dead end.

There is also the widely spread notion that the GX8 was a marketing failure. It had some flaws and many people seem to believe that an RF should not be a flagship. However, it does seem to have a following and to me, this begs the question, can a rangefinder be a flagship? That is the purpose of this poll. Talk to me about features you would like to see, or wouldn't. I really do think that I am not alone in saying that the GX8 is the sort of camera I want and need and I would like to have one in the future with some improvements.

In closing, this post is not meant in any way to denigrate the awesome GX9 camera. I'm really happy to see that GX7 and GX85 fans apparently got most or all of what they wanted. I will not upgrade because it doesn't suit my needs better than keeping my GX8 does, but that doesn't mean I have anything negative to say about that camera.

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Yes, I love my GX8 and would throw big money at Panasonic for an upgrade.
67.1% 96  votes
No, Panasonic should not waste time on something likely to fail.
21.7% 31  votes
You suck and I hate your poll. I don't like big rangefinder flagships with glorious EVFs and weather sealing and I hope your computer gets a virus.
11.2% 16  votes
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