Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash user experience + diffusers

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Re: Yongnuo YN24EX twin flash user experience + diffusers

pikeface wrote:

I am using a 1DX mkII and a 5dSR the SR is more reliable than the DX. I have found that if you change the ISO on the camera without pressing ok the flash misfires for 5sec, however id you press ok to accept the ISO change its fine.

The other thing I have tried is to isolate the four pins on the shoe with tape so that the camera can't feed back to the body, this seems to work 100% but you have to turn the less on from flash gun.

I did look for a firmware upgrade but no luck yet.

I'm returning my YK24EX. For $170... I want the product to work.

I had one shoot where everything seemed to work fine... so, I thought my original problems were newbie to ring flash induced. Today, I got one shot off where the flash fired and then nothing! Flash wouldn't fire. Changed batteries.. still wouldn't fire. Did a test flash... works. I could turn both lights on manually but, couldn't get it to sync with camera and fire.

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