GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Re: GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Despite having no interest I think Panasonic have got this absolutely right. It fits as a rangefinder style model alongside the more DSLR styled G80 and at a similar price point. There are some things that the G80 has that the GX9 doesn't and vice versa but generally they appeal in price and specs to the same level of photographer. The tilty screen (I don't like them ) is good and will make a lot of people happy. Maybe we can continue with future rangefinder styles while keeping us FAS fans happy on the DSLR styled models. I do have the impression that GX fans do make up the bulk of the tilty fans. I was sceptical about the high pricing of the G9 but it now seems much more reasonable and if we can maintain the G80 and GX9 price point for future development probably with a starter rangefinder style model, then I think Panny have got a great range. Well done Panasonic.

I tend to agree. I believe this is the first 20 megapixels M 43 camera to launch at the sub $1,000 price point, and that includes the lens. One can nit pick the details of features not included, but this seams to hit a market sweet spot that a lot of 16mpx shooters were waiting for.

Yes.  I'm one of those people.  The GX8 was a bit in no mans land size wise.  People that likes dslr size will find it too small.  People that like small cams will find it too big.  But of course people will complain about the EVF and not look at the whole picture.

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