GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Re: GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

larsbc wrote:

mbike999 wrote:

I think this will be a nice camera body that seems to squarely target the Pen F and matches but doesn't exceed it in many ways except for maybe video. It seems to be catered to the street/architecture oriented shooter with a discrete form factor that's best suited for small prime lenses.

To be fair, this line (GX7, GX85, GX9) started before the PEN F was ever released. When Olympus finally released a rangefinder-esque body with EVF, they chose to go for a higher price point where as Panasonic has always kept these cameras aimed at the sub-USD$1000 level. The two cameras are not direct competitors.

To me, the GX9 has the same feature set that made the GX7 a desirable 2nd body and street camera. It's compact, it has a tilting EVF, and a single-axis rear screen which is very quick to deploy. It complements my G85 very well (and I think it would do the same for GH5 / G9 shooters as well). It's small enough to bring as a backup body and its tilting EVF and single-axis screen lets me shoot more discreetly. For more general use, the DSLR-style bodies are available.

The PEN-F wasn't enticing to me because of its lack of a tilting EVF, its multi-axis screen, its lack of built-in flash, and its video quality. Also, the price was rather high for a 2nd body. So I'm glad to see the GX9 continuing in the GX7's niche, rather than being a direct competitor to the PEN-F.

The Pen-F has been on sale for $999 before and I bet Olympus will lower the price soon too in response to this camera.

Even at $999, the PEN-F isn't desirable to me. The tilting EVF and single-axis screen are that compelling to me. BTW I do enjoy having a multi-axis rear screen but for a street shooter, the single-axis screen is better, IMO.

I agree, if I still had my GX7, this would be a no brainer to upgrade, particularly at this price point. There will be those who profess that there is not enough difference between 16 mpx and 20mpx, but I suspect most of those naysayers have never owned a 20mpx M4/3 camera with a Sony sensor (I suspect the GX9 has a Sony sensor). But at under $1,000 for a current 20mpx M4/3 camera.....with lens, it’s a steal, IMO.

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