RX100M5 Battery life - dependable at all?

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Re: RX100M5 Battery life - dependable at all?

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In all reviews of the camera I'm reading about 220 CIPA shots and how expected battery life drastically dropped as they moved forward the iterations. I know it's about the video features. But...

I'll only be considering this camera to shoot stills. I rarely shoot video. My late RX100M3 was very dependable in terms of this; it gave me 2+ good days of shooting (I keep the camera switched off between shots).

How's the M5 doing in this scenario?

My shooting style is the same - I turn the camera off between shots and shoot only stills.

I also own both the M3 and the M5. I still use the M3 when doing hikes around water or in similar situations.

With regard to battery life, I haven't noticed any difference between the M3 and the M5. I can't think of a time when I've had the battery run out on me. I do, however, download the pictures and recharge the battery at the end of the day. When I've checked, it usually shows that it has at least half the charge left.

Out of interest approx how many photos do you take between battery charges?


The answer is a little complicated...

I nearly always shoot with a three shot, -2EV, 0EV, +2EV bracket and, on both the M3 and M5, I'm saving the files as both RAW and JPEG.

During 2017, I found a day where I had 1600 files, which is the sum of counting the *.JPG files and the *.ARW files.  This is a little odd because 1600 is not divisible by 3 or by 6, but that sometimes happens when I give my camera to someone to take a photo with me in it. It'll also sometimes happen if I don't hold the shutter release button down long enough, though that doesn't happen much anymore.

So, in terms of actual shutter activations, the number is 800; in terms of shutter release button actuations, the number is 267.

In the past, I think those numbers used to be higher, but I find that now there are times when I'll turn on the camera, compose a shot, decide I don't like it, and turn the camera off.  Yes, it's cheap to take and store the photo, but it saves me a bit of time during post-processing if I don't have to look at a shot that I've already decided that I don't like during shooting.

Anyway... that 1600 number was the largest number for a day in either 2017 and 2018.  The average ended up being 370, which amounts to roughly 123 shutter activations or 41 shutter release actuations.  However, this also counts days when I'll take my camera out with me and only take a few shots, which probably brings this average down a bit.

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