GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Re: GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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I don't know. There would be less anger and disappointment about this camera if it was called GX95.

I really really really doubt that to be the case. Any time a new cam comes out, the other other side feels the need to attack it. More so from Olyfans. In this case, people that wanted big cameras attacked it. While in the case of the GX8, people that wanted a small cam attacked it. As sales of the GX8 suggests, the smaller GX9 will win out. Seriously if people want a big cam, go DSLR or the G9, GH series or the OM series. If anyone really wanted a big new GX9, then more of you should have bought the GX8. I highly doubt that Panasonic would have shrunk the GX9 if the size of the GX8 was a huge sales hit.

I definitely do see this trend on the M43 forum but that doesn't mean there aren't legitimate complaints about this camera. Using the same EVF from the GX7 (which was released in 2013 I think) is just a bad decision. The battery life of 260 shots is worse than the GX7. This is my biggest issue with the camera. 260 shots is just nowhere near enough. With my style of shooting, that would translate to just 3 to 4 hours of shooting.

I paid £10 for two 3rd party batteries for my GM1. These seem to be similar in performance to the original. Batteries are so cheap that a bit less life is not an issue at all to me.

Once the indicator starts flashing just put another in - takes seconds!

It's not about the cost of the batteries, it's about the inconvenience.  Having to use upwards of 3 batteries to get through a whole day of shooting is very inconvenient.  The swapping of the batteries does indeed take seconds but how convenient is it to keep track of which batteries are dead?  How convenient is it to charge 3 to 4 batteries per night?

I see this argument about battery life all the time in mirrorless forums where people will defend poor battery life up until the point when the manufacturer releases a camera with significantly better battery life.  Then they begin singing the praises of the improved battery life.

I know not everyone will agree but I'd much rather have a slightly larger and heavier camera with a single battery that can last a whole day rather than a slightly smaller and lighter camera that needs 2 or 3 batteries to get through the whole day.

I have the A7RIII which I believe is rated at 560 something shots which is amongst the best for mirrorless cameras and I'm still not satisfied with the battery life.  I shot around 1300 shots with 8 fps shooting my dance competition this weekend and went from 100% to around 45% battery life after about 8 hours of shooting.

When I went to a museum a few weeks ago, I shot single shot and went from around 67% to 30% battery life after about 3 hours and ended up with around 300 shots.  I always switch the camera off between shots and have disabled all wifi/NFC/bluetooth.

This still isn't good enough for me.

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