GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Let's be clear

markymark101 wrote:

I was very interested in seeing what Panasonic came out with as the replacement to the GX8 as I've been disappointed in Olympus' quality control with my em1. The GX8 had one of the best EVFs on the market - seems strange to downgrade it. For that reason alone, I have zero interest - I'm spoiled by nice big OLED EVFs.

I'd also miss the weather sealing.

Oh well, I guess they really wanted to keep the price below $1,000.

The GX9 is not the GX8 successor. If anything else, it is a "GX95" - a GX85 successor.

I've had the GX8 (two of them, sold one; maybe I should have kept it to give to my son) for years and I've absolutely loved it. Took them to Alaska for a grand family vacation in all kinds of weather and circumstances. Would I do that with the GX9? No. Also, my wife has the GX85 and I do not like shooting with it. The user experience is not nearly the same as the GX8.

I also have a G9, which now we all know is the GX8 successor. Yes, so far I really like the G9! But it is a different shooting experience than the GX8. And I was a big fan of the tilting EVF.

Clearly, Panasonic knows their market better than I do and they clearly made the decision that a true GX8 successor was not a viable product. Perhaps the GX85s sold like hotcakes and the GX9 will too. That's good for them and, I'd say, ultimately good for all of us.

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