GX9 : the new essential m4/3 camera?

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Re: Field sequential EVF = Nail in coffin...

20mpx sensor, 4K video, smaller form factor, tilt screen keeping the camera form factor smaller.

All wins in my book. I want the best picture quality and I want it small. I never use an EVF nor could I care less about a top camera LCD. A camera just needs to hit focus and give me something useable and I'm good.

What has two thumbs and fits Panasonic's target market demographic?

The 12-60 doesn't appeal to me since I have the PL but it will hopefully be a good backup lens or I'll sell it.

The G9 is amazing just another $700 (maybe $900 if you sell the lens) this thing works for someone like me who just wanted a better sensor and smaller form factor. I joined the party with the GX7 and went to the G7s for 4K video.

I think it's a solid upgrade as long as they haven't gimped something in relation to the sensor / Venus engine etc.

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